we dem’ boyz

Me and my BB’s tho 😉 #220Alumni #TheSoundofTomorrow @soulection


Killin’ it #BWAffair2014

Yo we’re just out here trying to save the world alrite?!

Happy 22nd to my boss, my mentor, my teacher, my homie, my bestfriend, @nathaniel_navarro! Owe so much to this guy right here. I could go on but I’ll leave it at that. Love you bro 😛👌👌’s

The new bucket hat… #SharkBaitOoHaha #FreeAllTheAnimals (at SeaWorld San Diego Cal)


Here’s a #throwbackthursday for yall of a decent pic from when I performed at #Artofficial5… Bish who do ya love?!

Time flies, especially seeing these two grow up so fast. With that said, til next time my lil nephews. Continue to do big things and don’t forget to take care of the fam. Love you two! #swaggytwins #fashionkillas #ballislife